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Maps to the stars


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Maps to the stars

Director (s): David Cronenberg -
Actor (s): Julianne Moore - Mia Wasikowska - Olivia Williams -
Origin: Canadian - American - French - German - Genre: Drama -
Year: 2014
Duration: 1h51min
Original Title: Maps to the stars
Synopsis: In Hollywood, the city of dreams, the stars collide: Benjie, 13 years old and already star; his father, Sanford Weiss, bestselling author and celebrity coach; his client, the beautiful Havana Segrand, ?? that it helps to achieve as a woman and actress. The capital of Cinema also promises happiness on film and glossy paper to those trying to reach the stars: Agatha, a young girl become just landed, the assistant ?? ?? of Havana and attractive limo driver with whom she binds Jerome Fontana, who aspires to stardom. But then, why do we say that ?? Hollywood is the city of vices and neuroses, jealousies and incest? The city of dreams revived ghosts and promises especially outburst impulses and ?? smell of blood.

genre: Drame

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